LS SWAP Central

LS Swap Central

Hedman Hedders® and Trans-Dapt Performance Products® were founded on the premise of mixing incompatible vehicle components to improve performance. Since 1954 and 1959 respectively, these 2 iconic performance aftermarket manufacturers have developed and manufactured exhaust headers, transmission adapters, engine swap mount kits, transmission mounts that make engine swap project go more smoothly. When it comes to safely mating an engine to a chassis, Hedman, Trans-Dapt and Hamburger's Performance have to compoenents you need.

This products shown below are specifically design for LS swap projects. From application specific headers and mount kits for iconic, classic American cars and trucks, such as, 1st and 2nd Gen Camaro and Firebird, Chevelle, El Camino, GTO and other 1964-81 A-Body cars, C10 trucks, S10 trucks, as well as GM X-Frame, X-Body and G-Body cars. —To unforeseen combinations that require more "flexibly" designed products, such as close fitting LS swap cast manifolds and Universal LS swap engine mount kits. If it has to do with LS Engine Swaps, you'll find it below.

Some Hedman LS Swap header applications are available in various tube length or diameter configurations, and ALL models are available uncoated, or with Hedman's HTC™ Polished Silver or BLACK-MAXX™ Satin Black ceramic-metallic finish. Hedman header finishes are warrantied for 5 years, and the headers are covered by a factory-backed Limited Lifetime Warranty

LS Swap Central