Hedman Manufacturing Covid-19 Response

Due to the varied response to the current health challenges, from city-to-city and state-to-state, it can be difficult to know whether a business you wish to work with is providing all of its services, or if they are open at all. We hope the updates on this page clear up any questions you may have regarding Hedman Manufacturing's current manufacturing and customer service status. Covid response updates will be posted here, as needed. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at Call (562)921-0404 or by email at sales@hedman.com.

The Hedman Performance Group corporate offices in Whittier, California are open from 8 am to 4:30pm pacific time Monday-Friday. Tech support and sales phone lines are operating at 100% to answer application and availability questions. Walk-in visitors and customer pick-ups are permitted at this time. Should you need to visit the Hedman offices, a face covering is required to enter the facility. If you have a fever, or symptoms commonly associated with Covid-19, please do not visit the offices in person. Instead, call (562)921-0404 and discuss your needs via phone. Our staff will assist you in any way they can.

THE HEDMAN MANUFACTURING FACILITY (includes Hedman, Trans-Dapt and Hamburger's):
From the onset, the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions have significantly hampered Hedman's manufacturing capabilities. As is the case with the majority of product manufacturers around the globe, the current environment has made it difficult to provide the same, high level of product availability, as we offered before the current health crisis.

Currently, the Hedman manufacturing facility is working at full capacity, and we are taking every step at our disposal to meet the high-demand for our products during these abnormal conditions.

Since Hedman manufactures all of its own headers here in the USA, we have far more control over the production of our product, allowing us to replenish stock far quicker than brands that outsource production to other countries. We are taking every step available to ensure a speedy recovery to normal, and get our product to you as soon as possible, while adhering to social-distancing guidelines.

While inventory levels are feverishly replenished, you may temporarily encounter delivery delays for some Hedman Performance products. Most notably, Hedman coated headers are experiencing extended delivery dates. The coating process is time consuming, and corners cannot be cut to save time. As a result, availability of coated header models may be limited, at this time.

If you already have an order placed for a set of Hedman's Headers, a Trans-Dapt Engine-Swap-In-A-Box kit, or Hamburger's billet aluminum oil filtration or carb spacer component, we recommend that you contact the selling dealer directly to get a status update on the drop-shipment. Should you have difficulty reaching your selling dealer, however, you may contact us directly at 562.921.0404 or by email sales@hedman.com. We will attempt to locate the dealer's order for your product and provide you with an update. When calling, please be sure to have the selling dealer's name, the dealer's location, dealer's order number and the part number ordered. Hedman cannot make any alterations to your order. If you need to make any changes to your order, you must contact the selling dealer to make modifications.

Thank you for supporting the Hedman brands, and we appreciate your understanding during these strange times.

Happy & Safe Driving,
The Hedman Staff