The Hedman Hot Tips Exhaust Tips in this section are WELD-ON style. They're manufactured from solid stainless steel to hold up against the harsh environmental conditions encountered by your vehicle's exhaust. The high polished finish means they look awesome too.
Part # ProductExhaust System DiaFinishLengthOutlet DiameterTip StyleInside Diameter Media
17142 ROUND- Straight HOT TIPS Exhaust Tip for 2-1/2" Exhaust System; 9" Long; 2-5/8" Outlet- STAINLESS 2-1/2"Polished9"2-5/8"Round- Straight2.50"
17189 ROUND- Turn Down HOT TIPS Exhaust Tip for 2-1/4" Exhaust System; 9" Long; 2-3/8" Outlet- STAINLESS 2-1/4"Polished9"2-3/8"Round- Turn Down2.125"
17205 Dual ROUND- Angled HOT TIPS Exhaust Tip for 2-1/2" Exhaust System; 12" Long; 3" Outlet- STAINLESS 2-1/2"Polished12"3"Dual Round- Angled2.50"