This section contains accessory brackets that can make your hedder installation go much more smoothly. They are manufactured with the same high quality materials and workmanship you will find in any Hedman Hedder.
Part # ProductDescriptionEngineUse WithWater Pump Media
20010 Left Side Generator/Alternator Bracket LEFT SIDE GENERATOR/ALTERNATOR BRACKETChevy SB 283-350 '55-69Hedder #s 65003, 65101, 68270, 68290GM- Long
20020 Right Side Generator/Alternator Bracket RIGHT SIDE GENERATOR/ALTERNATOR BRACKETChevy SB 283-350 '55-69Hedder #s 65004, 68120, 68130, 68160, 68230, 68280GM- Long
20040 Generator/Alternator Bracket Adapter For Bracket #20010 GENERATOR/ALTERNATOR BRACKET ADAPTER for BRACKET #20010Chevy SB 283-350 '55-69GM- Short
20110 Auto Air Conditioning Bracket AUTO AIR CONDITIONING BRACKET
20120 Power Steering Bracket; Ford Applications with External Slave Cylinder POWER STEERING BRACKET; Fords with External Slave Cylinder
Photo Installation Instructions