Hedman's Standard-duty, Uncoated Headers are manufactured using 18 gauge, mandrel bent primary tubes (some models built using thicker 16 or 14 gauge tubing), and 1/4 flanges (some models use 3/8" flanges).

The factory black paint applied to uncoated headers is not hi-temp, and is for pre-installation protection only. For the ultimate in protection against the elements, we suggest Hedman's Original HTC coating.

All Hedman street Hedders are MADE IN THE USA, and are backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects!

UNLESS SPECIFICALLY STATED, ALL HEADERS ARE DESIGNED FOR USE WITH FACTORY PROFILE CYLINDER HEADS! If your engine does not have factory cylinder heads, we strongly recommend you contact the aftermarket head manufacturer to confirm that the deck angle, exhaust port height and spark plug angle/position match the factory cylinder head design, before ordering your headers. If you are still unsure, please contact the Hedman Tech lines M-F 8am-4:30PM (Pacific) @ (562) 921-0404.

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Part # ApplicationTube DiameterTube StyleEngineExhaust System DiaFinishKEY FEATURE Media
Pontiac GTO 1964 to 1972

CID: 455, 326, 350, 400, 332

Pontiac LeMans 1964 to 1972

CID: 350, 455, 400, 326

Pontiac Tempest 1964 to 1970

CID: 326, 350, 400, 455

1-3/4"Long Tubes2-1/2"Uncoated
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Hedman Hedders are designed to fit the applications listed, and come packaged with the required gaskets, bolts, nuts, connectors and emissions components (where applicable). We offer one of the largest selections of 50 state legal hedders, as well as, many more for off-road and racing use.

Standard-duty, Hedman Hedders are manufactured using 18 gauge, mandrel bent primary tubes (some models built using thicker 16 or 14 gauge tubing), and 1/4 flanges (some models use 3/8" flanges).

Some hedder applications may require the use of special engine mounts, mini-starters, etc. Additionally, some stock or aftermarket components may interfere with the proper installation of these hedders on your vehicle. To ensure that you are choosing the best hedder model for your specific situation.

Hedman offers these uncoated hedder for vehicle owners who wish to apply their own type or color of coating. The Black paint applied to them at the factory is merely to protect the bare metal from corrosion while in inventory and during shipping. This coating is not a high temperature paint and will burn off after only a few minutes of use on a warmed engine. Although an uncoated hedder can be used, we recommend the use of a thermal coating, or high temp paint to protect them from the elements, and prolong their life. ALL uncoated Hedman Hedders are available with HTC Ceramic-Metallic thermal protection, and is factory backed for 5 full years. Click here to visit the HTC coated hedder section of our site.

Contrary to popular belief, the use of a thermal wrap on hedders will cause crystallization of the steel tubes and actually dramatically shorten the life of the hedder. The use of hedder wrap is so detrimental to the integrity of the hedder, it's use will void your hedders lifetime warranty.

ALWAYS refer to the footnotes section of this screen for special conditions. If you are unsure if a hedder will work for your application, or if you have additional aftermarket components (especially aftermarket heads) not discussed in the footnotes, it is strongly recommended that you contact the Hedman technical staff...before purchasing any hedder.

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